Danger Zone Gym

When others are crackin', we're still attackin'

About the Danger Zone Gym

We offer a very intense workout environment for:

Coach/Owner, Mike "The Hammer" Hunter, holds open gyms and instructional days for MMA and Wrestling. You can setup individual time to have The Hammer as your personal trainer. The facility has wrestling mats, weights, exercise bikes, treadmills, punching bags, as well as other fitness machines. Outside fitness exercises are also available and used.

Wrestlers ages 4 to 18 are welcome. MMA fighters ages 16-100 are welcome. Anyone who wants to become a member of The Danger Zone Gym must be prepared and willing for an intense work out...we're not called "The Danger Zone" Gym for nothing!

Success Stories

"Mike's passion for fitness drove me to obtaining my weight lose goals. Training at the Danger Zone is always a challenge"

        - John Parkins, 100 pounds lost.

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